Frameless glass sliders

Made in New Zealand, Slidetec Frameless Glass Sliders have been specifically designed to meet the demands of our weather conditions. High wind zones, coastal conditions, windblown sand and salt spray, hot summers and cold winters are typical of the everyday demands placed on our products.

Slidetec Frameless Sliding Doors have been considerably upgraded to meet the demands with heavier duty extrusions. Heavy duty adjustable ball bearing mounted stainless steel sliding carriages and most importantly, the introduction of both 10mm and 12mm toughened safety glass.

Balustrades and pool fencing

Balustrades, fences and screens that safeguard the occupants from falling 1000mm or more from the floor, deck, or balcony level are defined in NZS4223.3.2016 as a barrier. Such barriers shall meet the requirements of NZBC Clause F4.  All our products are designed to comply with current NZ Building Code Standards.

Pool Fences shall also meet the requirements of NZS 8500 as applicable.

All fixtures and fittings are carefully selected to ensure long lasting performance and quality.

Powder Coating

Dulux powder coatings are committed to providing products that strictly adhere to the ISO9001 standard for quality management, resulting in a range of coating options that work better in New Zealand’s unique climatic conditions.

Our Aluminium powder coatings come with a 10 year warranty on film and colour performance.


Promising to deliver on quality, Viewtec guarantees to complete all work in line with current industry standards.